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A Communist Insider Tells All

communists in britain cover

The Communist Technique in Britain

This Cold War relic is actually an interesting book. It’s less dogma and more about the inner politics of the Communist Party in Britain and how the British Communists exert a great deal of influence more than would be indicated by the size of the party. I have only read bits and pieces, but I was fascinated by the party discipline issues and the power dynamics of the Party. Cold War nerds out there: I would love to hear your thoughts.


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High School Guide to Commies

World of Communism coverThe World of Communism

Love the Red Scare titles. This book is directed at high school students and presented in a question and answer format.  (Reminds me of the way the Baltimore Catechism is set up, coincidence? hmmm)  ALB has quite a few that have graced our website and every time I think everyone knows that the Soviet Union has undergone a few changes in the last few decades, yet another public library hangs on to one of these relics from the past.  Of course this is worthy material for academic libraries and archives.  But this has no business being a teen nonfiction collection in a modern public library or a school library.  Every time I find one like this on the shelf I cringe at the idea of a teen running across this type of title and  probably concluding that they don’t “know” anything or “have” anything. Okay.  Whining done for now.

I did love looking through these pages and pictures and the helpful advice about identifying those crazy communists.

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Communism and Catholics

Communism, Democracy and Catholic Power

Since I started floating through catalogs, I have enjoyed using a keyword search for communists since usually there is something funny or dated.  I came across this title.  Any Cold War era publication is usually interesting.  Even though I was just a kid during the 60’s, the paranoia was flying high and to associate anyone or anything with communism was essentially evil.  This book fits neatly in the time frame of post war red scare.  McCarthy started his witch hunt in 1950 (and was censured in 1954) and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1953.  No doubt any collection highlighting the cold war hysteria should include this, but I think it is probably more appropriate for an academic audience or a large public library.  My particular copy had seen better days…. probably the result of some poorly trained commie librarians and all their talk about information wanting to be free.  I love when our expert librarians give us the whole story… please comment!


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