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My Way is the Best Way

ironing it out book cover

Ironing it Out
Seven Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict

Are you constantly arguing? Relationships suffering? Try “Ironing it Out”. This particular book is all about dissecting the real issues of conflict. This is probably a pretty decent choice for a public library. Conflict resolution and other workplace dynamics are hot topics and this type of material would no doubt be a successful choice. Personally, I am a bit cynical about getting in touch with my feelings and really don’t want to “peel the onion” to get at the gist of a problem, especially in the library. I just want everyone to do things my way. Please consider this. It would really save time. (I can already hear the supervisor yelling “request denied.”)


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Read My Lips

Visual communication for the hard of hearing coverVisual Communication for the Hard of Hearing
O’Neill and Oyer

Submitter: This is a 1961 book about lip reading. It offers an interesting history on the topic in one chapter. It was pretty fascinating. But the other chapters are talking about resources you could get to help with the teaching of lip reading. Being over 50 years old, I would think it would be hard to find those listed books and films. If you even wanted too?

Holly: Old, boring, and irrelevant. That’s a trifecta for weeding. I sincerely hope this was found in a university library (from which it should still probably be weeded…), but WorldCat shows holdings in some public libraries and community colleges too. I can’t even begin to imagine why.

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A Show of Hands

a show of hands cover

A Show of Hands: Say it in Sign Language
Sullivan and Bourke

Submitter: We’re a mid-size Canadian public library with quite a big collections budget, so heaven only knows why we still had this ancient and hilarious book when we have much newer (and less inadvertently hilarious and awful) ones! It also had a spine label done on a type-writer, which is how I initially found it—I scan the shelves for those babies!

Holly: The signs on the pages are for the days of the week. I don’t really get it, though. It takes her a week to get out a sneeze? She sneezes every day of the week? WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE??


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