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More Clown Trauma

Compleat Clown coverHow to be a compleat clown

Holly is usually the one that answers our submissions/emails, so you can imagine how much she enjoyed forwarding this one to me for posting. She is just hilarious.

Submitter: This one just came, along with a lot of other weeded books, from a private girls’ prep school in a rich suburb of a big “power center” city.  It’s a first edition from 1978.  Tragically, it was apparently never checked out even once, if I am to believe the apparently-original card pocket and “Due Date” sheet in the back. One HAS to ask what this book was doing in the library of an exclusive college-prep school….Oh, maybe they meant to let them apply to Clown College, which was mentioned in the book.  Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, Clown College–which they list as being in Venice, Florida–moved to Baraboo, Wisconsin and then to Sarasota, Fla. before closing completely in 1997.

Mary: In defense of my phobia, all of you would have been traumatized by my experiences as a librarian trying to pay a performer during summer reading. (As if we aren’t traumatized ENOUGH by summer reading) She was speaking with a creepy clown voice, even though we are talking about payment and where she can “set up”. In addition, we had a reference question at our desk inquiring about laws regarding burial in Michigan with clown makeup. Really. (Thank God Holly fielded that question.) In case you are wondering, as of about 10 years ago, there were no laws against burying oneself in clown makeup. I do think this does fall under “crimes against humanity”.

In other news, I haven’t seen the word “compleat” spelled this way, so the nerd in me just had to do a little searching. 

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Clowning coverCreative Clowning

Submitter: I have two great out of date clown books found just for you. Both were found in the juvenile section at my local public library. There were 4 copies of this at the library.  Plenty of scary clown photos that would even scare John Wayne Gacy.

Holly: Oh Maaaaary… I have a boooook for yoouuuu! Bwahahahahaha!

Look, I don’t have any real problem with clowns or books about clowns for juvenile sections of public libraries, but let’s not insult the clowning community by ignoring their need for updated materials. (Has anyone done a study on the information needs of clowns? Library Students! I have a thesis topic for you!)

Mary: I will be hiding under my desk if anyone needs me.

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Yesterday’s Clowns

Yesterday's Clowns coverYesterday’s Clowns

Submitter: This one was popular in our middle school library in the 90s, but hasn’t left the shelves since then. This one needs to be updated. Also, none of these people look like the mental image my students would get if they heard the word “clown.”

Holly: Those are clowns? And here I thought I’d have some pictures to torture Mary with!

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