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Stylish Looks You Can Make

Sewing without a pattern coverSewing without a Pattern

Submitter: I’m teen librarian working in a public library in [Louisiana] and I have been weeding our teen nonfiction section and separating it from the adult nonfiction. I’ve come across many awful books, but just recently I’ve found a truly awful book. Surely there are new books on this topic. This book is from 1972! 44 years old! This book is 44 years old! I can’t believe my library still has this book much less thinks that teens would want to check it out.

Holly: Good catch. It doesn’t belong in either collection – adult or teen non-fiction! It belongs in the book sale, where it will be sold in a matter of minutes. Sweet lampshade hat, though (see image below).


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Fashion Tips for Cheapskates

Dress Better for Less coverDress Better For Less
1001 Tips for Saving Money on Quality Clothes

Another book that would be great for 1981 but idiotic for 2016. I am all over books that offer money saving tips. I doubt any of the advice would be worthwhile 30 plus years later. I can promise not a single featured outfit is on anyone’s “to buy” list.

Just an aside, the lady on the back cover, upper left, looks like Dustin Hoffman’s character “Dorothy” from Tootsie. I think it is the glasses.


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Get Yourself Together

Get Yourself Together coverGet Yourself Together

Show of hands: How many of you dabbled in these awesome late 80s fashions?

Of course, I can’t believe it is still in a teen nonfiction collection. I can hear every modern teen girl going “Ewwww.” I am going to guess they don’t want to look like Mom’s high school senior photo. This book should have been weeded by 1995 at the latest.

When I was a teen, I loved this kind of book, especially the before and after pictures. Unfortunately, I always looked like the before picture.

For its time, it was a good purchase. Seriously, though the 80s (and 90s, and 00s too) are over. Let’s all move on with our lives.  Think about it, the kids featured in this book are now planning for retirement or yelling at their own teens. Soon, they will be asking about senior discounts and AARP memberships.



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