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The Gentle Art of Smoking

gentle art of smoking cover

The Gentle Art of Smoking

I had no idea that smoking was an art form. When I first saw the back cover, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, but my first thought wasn’t pipes. This book is one of those pro-smoking salutes to tobacco in all its forms.

The author kicks off with a history of tobacco and the production on plantations. Not a word is mentioned about slavery and the tobacco trade. Pipes, cigars, cigarettes, and other tobacco products are outlined. There is also a “how to” component from the author on how to smoke various products. If you are looking for more “fun” in your smoking, you might like this old post from 2013. It’s one of my favorites.

I really can’t get beyond the illustrations of the pipes on the back cover.


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Another Smokin’ Hot Read

Common Sense About Smoking coverCommon Sense About Smoking
Fletcher, Cole, Jeger and Wood

The cover was the first the first thing I noticed. You can just tell those folks on the cover are truly enjoying a cig break. Don’t they look happy? That pesky lung cancer notwithstanding, the truth is cigs will age you into an awful mess.

For the time, this book is on target. US Surgeon General issued the big warning in 1964. By 1970, cigarette ads were banned from TV. I think we can safely retire this gem.

I will be smokin’ in the boys room if anyone needs me,


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Smoke ’em if you got ’em

how to get more fun out of smoking

How to Get More Fun Out of Smoking

What’s not to love about smoking?  The cancer!  The excise taxes!  The inability to light up anywhere you want!  Finally, a book to bring back the fun of tobacco.

This book is a hoot.  It does belong in archives or special collections as it is a great insight into the tobacco culture of yesteryear.  I still laugh that even back in the day, someone would think there needs to be a book about smoking. Imagine sitting in the pitch meeting for that book. “I don’t know if the kids will take to smoking if we don’t really convince them of the fun.”

Take a look at the second and third scan below. Pregnant moms can light up with no problems. Reported heart/lung issues also haven’t been proven, so live wild!  Perhaps this might be a nice choice to promote “balance” in the collection.


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