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Christian parenting

Spare the Rod?

Goe the Rod and Your Child's Bod cover

God, the Rod and Your Child’s Bod
The Art of Loving Correction for Christian Parents

Life is bad and children are out of control, but with a handy stick, you can beat the crap out of them. Really.

Evidently the corrupt world (probably the fault of divorcees, selfish mothers, feminists and gays) is causing your children to become undiciplined monsters. But you can get a stick and beat your kids into good behavior. It’s okay because you do it with love.

I will be in the back weeping for humanity,



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Smack those kids into shape

What's a Parent to Do coverWhat’s a Parent to Do?

Not only is the Devil hell bent on getting you fat, he is now on to your kids, and Lovett has some super helpful advice for you parents. Just smack ’em. Literally. The fist on the cover is no joke.

Over 200 pages of helpful advice on how to use the belt and/or slap your kids. But it’s okay. You pray afterwards and remind yourself it is for their own good.  So here are a few sins to consider:

–getting pregnant
–having sex
–girls: dressing like a tart
–girls: hanging out with leather jacket/motorcycle boys

–boys: looking at dirty magazines (In pic 2 below, is the sin the magazine or the “old man” reference?)
–hanging around a “certain crowd”

I would love to see how this guy’s kids turned out. He speaks like an expert.


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Family Survival for Middle Schoolers?

Survival Guide Family of Nine coverA Survival Guide from a Family of Nine: Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World

Submitter: This is a parenting book, so why it’s in a middle school library is beyond me. It might be a great book for parents, but there’s nothing in here that would benefit a 12-year old, and some things, like the “I didn’t let my kid sleep over at a friend’s house and then that friend was murdered” story is just creepy.

Holly: This is a fine book for a public library, but definitely an awful library book for a middle school library. It is completely out of place there. Its audience is not middle schoolers, but their parents. And yes, that story is creepy.


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