Hoarding is not collection development
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Are your kids using drugs?

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Kids and Drugs: A Parent’s Guide
How to Tell if Your Child is Using Drugs and What to do
Otteson, Townsend, and Rumsey

Parents, now your fears can be laid to rest. These guys are here to give you the inside scoop on drug abuse by teens. Here are some indicators of marijuana use: poor grades, nonconformity, and cigarettes. And of course marijuana use leads to hard core drug use like cocaine or amphetamines. The rest of the book is a combination of admonishing parents and a handy drug guide.

Regardless of the quality of information 1983 is simply too old. Weed it, then light up a fatty and congratulate yourself on good collection maintenance.

Note: ALB does not condone the use of drugs or alcohol while weeding or driving.



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Scary Children’s Decor

childrens rooms coverChildren’s Rooms : how to decorate them to grow with your child

Submitter: I have attached copious images to truly understand how scary the designs of these rooms are. Creepy dolls galore.

Holly: Wow, those are some extremely overstimulating designs for sleeping children!

Mary: Now I am going to have nightmares. Just no.

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An “Accident” in Collection Management

Clouds and Clocks coverClouds and Clocks: A story for children who soil

Submitter: A book about a little boy who stops using the toilet.  The story is bland and a little uncomfortable, and the illustrations are extremely dated and uninteresting by today’s standards.  The medical content alone should have slated this book for weeding at least a decade ago.

Holly: This book isn’t soooo bad, but it is a little dated.  They use terminology that kids might use, although not all families use that kind of language when talking about bathroom issues.  I’ve seen lots of books about kids who wet the bed or their pants, but not a lot about “soiling,” as this book puts it.  Youth librarians – weigh in, please!  Is this unique, or are there lots of good books on this specific subject available?  A quick search of my library’s catalog reveals plenty of books about going to the potty and what comes out (and why), but none that focus just on “soiling” as this book does. What I really find weird about this book is the title.  I would have had no clue what it was about if not for the subtitle.

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