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We’ve Got Spirit!

Cheerleading and Baton Twirling coverCheerleading and Baton Twirling

Cheerleading books are a staple of most kid’s nonfiction collections. Lately, I have been asked more about coaching cheer teams, rather than from the kids themselves. It’s still a thing, and worth collecting if it is popular in your community. This particular book is doesn’t seem that helpful even for the early 80s. I have tried to figure out these weird drawings and I’ve got nothing. (I do realize that my lack of experience in anything remotely coordinated might be influencing my opinion.)

I do know that it is more than just yelling a few cheers and turning cartwheels as it was in my day. Batons are still a thing, aren’t they? How do pompom teams fit into this culture? I want to know! Cheerleaders and twirlers, please update us on the modern versions and weed this one without a second thought.

Go Team!


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Can you be a Pompon Girl?

Pompon Girl's HandbookThe Official Pompon Girl’s Handbook

I was not a pompon girl (Pompon in my high school was for the cheerleader rejects and not cool!) and I doubt Holly was a pompon person. (I am certain she had NO school spirit!)  I do know that since my dark days in high school that cheerleading has evolved to big time dance routines and pretty impressive acrobatics.  I also didn’t think there was much of a difference between cheer and pompon. According to this book, I am wrong. They are different.

Regardless of one’s opinion on this as a school activity, these materials are important to teen collections. However, one look at these costumes and hair might send modern teens elsewhere. Specifically, this paperback edition that I had was overly taped up and still falling apart.  I would hate to see what the holding library uses as a standard for weeding on condition. Please upgrade to something from this century.

Go Team Weeding!


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