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Bad Men

Male Chauvinism!
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Mass Market Paper:  1979
Hardcover: 1973

This library still had the mass market paper cover still on the shelf as of this post.  I can only imagine that it is in this good a condition because no one has looked at it since the early 80’s.  Yes, it is taped up and the pages are a bit “crunchy”.   Great book and topic for any collection — when I was a teenager.  Is it useful now?  Debatable.  Assuming that this library automated in the mid nineties, why on earth did they stick a bar code on this pathetic little paperback?  The barcode and the processing probably cost more than the book.  I urge you to run to your women’s studies area and weed.  It will also help if you play Helen Reddy’s I am Woman right before so you are in the correct frame of mind.

Busy burning my bra,