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Pop Music Superstars

Great Pop Stars coverGreat Pop Stars

What a totally groovy book! This showed up on my doorstep thanks to an active ALB spy in an unnamed public library. I was a young teen when this came out but I am sure if my library had it I would have checked it out at every opportunity. Maybe I did. I am rather old and forget quite a bit…

I think this particular book has done its duty many times over.  The number of pages torn and mended (and re-mended) speaks of many circs.  My favorite repair is a picture of John and Yoko that had a big slice/rip through it.  Someone in tech services made a faded copy from another book and pieced it all together.  I am figuring some Beatles fan got crazy and sliced up poor Yoko. This is a great item for any library music collection back in the day and it might even have merit today for those of us in a certain age group.  I certainly loved trying my best to remember band names and songs.  Test your memory with some of the pages.


PS. Since Davy Jones passed away yesterday, I thought it would be nice to put this post up today. Jones was one of my first tween crushes.  Also, Daydream Believer is one of the best songs EVER! RIP, Davy!

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The hottest sibling pair since Donny and Marie!

Kristy and Jimmy
TV’s Talented McNichols

Remember these kids?  I was a huge fan of Family and “Buddy” for that matter, back in dark days of the 1970s. I lost track of these kids until the other day when this book showed up in a donation pile for my library.  Of course I felt old since only people over 40 seemed to know who these kids were. I had no idea that these crazy kids had teen idol status and musical aspirations.  Perhaps I am not as cool as I think.


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Betty White is awesome!

Betty White’s Pet Love: How Pets Take Care Of Us
White with Watson

Submitter: I’m actually not submitting this for possible weeding. Okay, so it’s old and probably a lot of the addresses she lists in the back don’t exist any more. I’m sure people can come up with all sorts of arguments for not keeping it – but I can think of one for keeping it –


I’m actually submitting it to see if the amazing librarians can apply their skills to something in the book. The librarian where I work tried to help but we didn’t get far and I don’t want to have to drive all the way to LA to go through old papers just to satisfy my curiosity. See, Betty talks about something super sad that happened to her as a child. Apparently there was some evil person who threw meat filled with broken glass into random peoples’ yards. He was called The Hollywood Dog Poisoner. She was about 5 or 6 years old, which means this happened around 1927/1928. All we could find is an article about Bela Lugosi’s dog being poisoned by strychnine poisoned meat. (The vet managed to save the dog’s life, but Lugosi joined the hunt for the poisoner.) Betty says the poisoner of her dog was eventually captured, but can’t remember what happened to him (or her). I want to know what happened! After a bit, I thought, “Where can I find librarians from
all over the world who’d probably find the answer?” And I came up with you fine folks!

Also I wanted to share it because I love her blouse. I want one.

Holly: Thank you, submitter!  Anyone know about the dog poisoner? A quick Google search didn’t pan out for me, but I haven’t put more time into it (yet! I’m intrigued!)

Mary: I am also a Betty White fan from her days on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I actually remember reading this book when it came out.

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