Hoarding is not collection development
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Making a Collection Count


The Bandit Bares It

Burt Reynolds Hotline: The Letters I Get…and Write!

Submitter: I don’t know if this is still on any shelves, but it’s pretty awful, especially the “rear” photo.

Holly: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Burt was 36 years old when he wrote this.  I am 36 years old, and somehow he seems a lot older in this picture (butt notwithstanding…).


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Rona Barrett

Miss Rona: An Autobiography

Okay Baby Boomers!  Who remembers Rona Barrett?  For you kids out there, she was one of the pioneers in entertainment news and reporting.  I remember catching her on tv as a teen all the time.  Great choice for the 70’s but I think it is time for an update.  I wonder what she thinks of the insane amount of gossip on tv and the Internet.  That is a book that needs to be written…