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Trump This

Donald Trump Surviving at the Top coverTrump
Surviving at the Top
Trump and Leerhsen

Just in case you haven’t had enough of Trump, here is your chance to jump into his “classy” lifestyle. Don’t miss this chance to see the all the glitz of this business superstar and his super cool friends. Trump gives the reader all the inside info on his business philosophy and a chapter devoted to his “typical” day in the life. The prose reads as a string of sound bites suitable for an infomercial or maybe a revival meeting. Obviously you don’t want to miss this gem.


To all our non-USA visitors watching the train wreck of American politics: I cannot explain Donald Trump. My head will hurt if I try.

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Liberace Cooks

Liberace Cooks coverLiberace Cooks!: Hundreds of Delicious Recipes For You  from His Seven Dining Rooms

Submitter: Here is my new favorite book. When I found this on shelf, I just knew it would be amazing. I am too young for Liberace, and even worse, my young library clerks had no idea who he was! But get a load of those pictures! Such opulence.

Holly: Oh, to have seven dining rooms and still dine “informally but elegantly before the television set” [back cover, below]. There’s really no reason for most public libraries to hang onto this any more, but just look at that piano hood on his stove!

Not only can you cook like Liberace, but you can Dress Like Liberace, too.

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Advice from Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa Gabor - cover

How to Catch a Man
How to Keep a Man
How to Get Rid of a Man

Youngsters, you probably don’t remember the Gabor sisters. They were kind of like proto-Kardashians. Zsa Zsa and her sister Eva were Hollywood glitterati from the old days. Both sisters racked up quite a few husbands and had minor acting credits. (Eva, probably the best known from the show Green Acres, and both showed up on the old Hollywood Squares occasionally.) Zsa Zsa gives all her womanly advice in this rather uninteresting book of quotes. I get the feeling this was more publicity stunt than actual book. She even states on the inside flap that the advice is “inconsistent” and “not logical.” No argument here.

Excuse me while I retrieve my feather boa from the dry cleaner.



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