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Crazy Cat Ladies

Cats and Their Women coverCats and Their Women
Cohen and Taylor

True to stereotype, I am a librarian with not one, but two cats. They boss me around constantly and I am sure plotting my demise at every opportunity. Even with my disposition set at “pro cat”, I don’t get this book. It really is just pictures of women and their cats. Not a whole lot of cat info, but more comments on how much these women like their cats.  If that floats in your public library, then of course  keep for your collection. There is nothing wrong with this book. I just thought it was a bit weird or maybe it was the people featured that are weird. I would hate to hang this on the cats, since I am sure they did not participate willingly.

Perhaps the modern equivalent of this type of book is the Internet Cat Video Festival. I was personally very excited to hear that Henri 2, Paw de Deux was the winner. I look forward to next year’s competition.


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Bad Kittehs!

Guide to intelligent Cat TrainingNo Naughty Cats
The first complete guide to intelligent cat training
Pirotin and Cohen

It’s Caturday at ALB!  Of course, without naughty cats there would be no cat videos, no LOL cats, and I am pretty sure the entire Internet would collapse. (Of course, there is now research for this theory!) I am also bossed around on a daily basis by a couple of cats and I am convinced that they are just a set of opposable thumbs away from world domination. I don’t think they can be trained. They train you.

For 1982, this was a fine choice for a pet care collection. As with other technical or medical information, we should treat this information as suspect after 5-10 years. On the idea that cats can be trained? That will be a continuing discussion.


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Inner Cat

Inner CatThe Inner Cat: A New Approach to Cat Behavior

Awww…look at the kittehs.  And then throw this book in the recycle bin.

I’m too selfish with my time to have pets (or children, for that matter), and my husband is allergic to most living things, so not having pets works for us.  But here’s the thing: I make no judgments on how other people handle their pets.  If your cat needs a shrink to improve its self esteem, knock yourself out.  If your lizard needs an animal chiropractic specialist, go for it.  Mary – do Roberta and Fred have self esteem issues?  Want this book to read up on it?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  You’re probably looking for the latest techniques to deal with your cats’ psyche just like everyone else; a “cat whisperer” or Animal Planet’s big-name cat person or something.

The topic of the book isn’t so bad for a public library collection (which is where it came from).  It’s just…you guessed it…old.  People who want the very best for their cat’s mental health want something current.  A name like National Geographic or the ACFA or Animal Planet will get patrons’ attention and make them feel better about the information in the book.  So will a copyright date in the last decade.  I’m sure Ms. Wilbourn was important in 1978, and if she’s still important in 2011, our libraries need to have her latest books.


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