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Training Muffin to “sit”

well behaved cat coverGuide to a Well-Behaved Cat

So along with diet books, books about holding creative meetings, or books on parenting a teenager, this cat training book will join the ranks of other books that I classify as nonfiction pipe dreams. (It really needs its own subject heading.) Again, we have an expert patiently explaining how to make a cat “sit”.  I attempted the “sit” technique with my cat and was treated to a condescending look followed by a hiss. Of course, later while trying to read, said cat decided it was time for lots of petting and affection. I readily admit that I am manipulated by my cats and there is no hope for me.

Yet another pipe dream is dead in the water.


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No Naughty Cats

No Naughty Cats coverNo Naughty Cats: The First Intelligent Guide to Cat Training
Pirotin and Cohen

Submitter: First of all, 1985. Cover, design, everything is old-fashioned and faded. Second, training your cat to come when called? If you want a dog, get a dog. And finally… doesn’t seem like the program worked on at least one cat. Page 7 is not only clawed up but missing a big chunk. It’s a weeder!

Holly: Here’s a throwback to a title we featured back in 2011. Apparently a few copies got missed in your weeding routines since then, so here it is again five years later. As far as cat training goes, once kitteh finds the litter box, you’re basically good to go.

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The Contemplative Cat

Do Cats Think? coverDo Cats Think?

As I type this, one of my “well-trained” cats is sitting on my desk, pushing items off onto the floor. Right now, there is a battery, usb cord, and 3 pennies on the floor after her helpful re-arranging of the desk. I know what she is thinking:

Why is this crap all over my nap space?

Other topics that cats think about:

-The food choices around here suck.

-The other cat is annoying me.

-There is a leaf blowing across the porch.

-The vacuum is evil and must be destroyed.


See? No need for a book. Problem solved!

Now, go make a cup of tea, put on your cardigan and pick up your latest read and don’t worry about what your cat is thinking. I am positive it is not good.


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