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Leave room for the Holy Spirit

dating for young catholics

Dating for Young Catholics

Dating is serious business. Just so you know, the only reason to date is because you want to get married, otherwise hands off, and keep walking. So kids, don’t get too close to each other and make sure you make room for the Holy Spirit.

These books are an interesting peek into a bygone time. From the Catholic point of view, the information is consistent and not “wrong”, but I doubt if any Catholic young people are going to snatch up a book directed at their grandparents. Even if the message is the same, updating and context matter. Now the nuns or your mother will text you to leave room for the Holy Spirit at your next dance.



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Boys, do you have a “calling”?

Catholic PriestCatholic Priest: His Training and Ministry: A Picture Story

Well no wonder there is such a shortage of priests!  Many of the kids who come across this in the Catholic school where it was found will be instantly turned off by the whole idea.  It’s so old fashioned!  It was published just before Vatican II.  It’s nice from a historical perspective, but does not belong in a Catholic high school anymore.

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Communism and Catholics

Communism, Democracy and Catholic Power

Since I started floating through catalogs, I have enjoyed using a keyword search for communists since usually there is something funny or dated.  I came across this title.  Any Cold War era publication is usually interesting.  Even though I was just a kid during the 60’s, the paranoia was flying high and to associate anyone or anything with communism was essentially evil.  This book fits neatly in the time frame of post war red scare.  McCarthy started his witch hunt in 1950 (and was censured in 1954) and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1953.  No doubt any collection highlighting the cold war hysteria should include this, but I think it is probably more appropriate for an academic audience or a large public library.  My particular copy had seen better days…. probably the result of some poorly trained commie librarians and all their talk about information wanting to be free.  I love when our expert librarians give us the whole story… please comment!


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