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I Can Be a Lawyer

I Can Be a LawyerI Can Be A Lawyer

Submitter: Someone actually submitted an ILL request for this book.  I gave it out in hopes that it would not find its way home.  Unfortunately, like the proverbial cat, it came back.  It, and a few of its brethren, were summarily weeded.  You will note that men are lawyers and women are assistants.  If the massive blocks on their desks were not described as being computers, I doubt the children reading the book would know what they were.  It is also good to know that “many lawyers” use computers.

Holly: There seems to be no end to this delightful series.  Career books go out of date so fast!

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I Can Be a Nurse

I can be a nurseI Can Be A Nurse

Is it just me or do these student nurses look a bit over done? It almost seems  like a casting call for Rocky Horror.
I think we can all agree that nursing as a career is very different from what is portrayed here.  I was lurking around other catalogs the other night when I couldn’t sleep and the number of old career books for both adults and youth is almost shameful.  So what we have learned today?
–I have a sick hobby of surfing library catalogs when I can’t sleep
— Career sections need attention


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