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I Can Be a Nurse

I Can Be A Nurse

Is it just me or do these student nurses look a bit over done? It almost seems  like a casting call for Rocky Horror.
I think we can all agree that nursing as a career is very different from what is portrayed here.  I was lurking around other catalogs the other night when I couldn’t sleep and the number of old career books for both adults and youth is almost shameful.  So what we have learned today?
–I have a sick hobby of surfing library catalogs when I can’t sleep
— Career sections need attention


Be a Nurse

What it’s Like to Be a Nurse

Join us as we follow these gals as they pursue a fabulous nursing career.  Don’t worry,  boys can join in the fun, too.

How long since anyone has seen a nursing cap?  I remember the school nurse decked out in the cape and the white hose.


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You can be a Cop!

Careers with a Police Department

This book is perfect for kids—if they were born in 1965.  Please get a new version of this book!

How about this picture of the guy from the bomb squad.  Does this look scary to you?

Or how about this robbery detective that is investigating a burglary?

This guy is using a computer to make a bust! Or maybe he is updating his facebook account.

Finally some lady cops working Juvenile Crime!  Or maybe they are just the secretaries… Actually that guy sitting on the desk looks like my junior high social studies teacher. Love the jacket!


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