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The Boss Lady

Boss Lady’s Arrival and Survival Plan

Submitter: Thank goodness I found this already on a weeding truck. It is hilarious! Practical advice includes never lighting your boss’s cigarette. I’m laughing at this book, but crying that it was ever necessary for women to need such a thing.

Holly: Even 1986 seems a little late for that advice.  I’m confused by the title, though.  Is this advice for the new boss lady or her subordinates?


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Yikes! Mom got a job?


My Mom Got a Job

Mom got a job and now life is cruel. The basic story is that child laments how Mom used to do all these great things and now she doesn’t.  Dad’s role and responsibility in parenting is somewhat vague.  As you can see from the image below, the new job also implies that Mom is letting kid slide on housework .  Kind of a boring story and the illustration on the cover (I think the eyes mostly) are giving me the creeps.  Not really that awful, but certainly no award winner either. I will admit to some personal bias on this topic as a well-meaning (idiotic) school employee told me that my part time library “career” was probably a contributing factor in my son’s less than stellar behavior during 8th grade. I will also point out that no one ever said things like that to my husband.  Said child also remarked to school officials that he was probably genetically pre-disposed to behavior problems since his parents were also troublemakers.

Another terrible mother who is responsible for all the world’s ills,


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Visit to the Pharmacist

About Jerry and Jimmy and the Pharmacist
Thompson, Lehmann, and Helfand

Submitter: No better way to spend the day when you were a kid than getting a tour of the pharmacy by the pharmacist.  Nothing like letting young kids around all those pills and drugs!

Holly: In 1964 you could get away with anything, couldn’t you?  Hey, kids, let’s go to the pharmacy!  These are Mr. Smith’s sciatica pills.  These are Mrs. Smith’s insulin needles.  Maybe someday YOU will have a raging infection and need some pills from the pharmacy!  This book is old.  A pharmacist’s job is much more difficult these days, what with insurance plans, Medicare, and Viagra to contend with.  What’s that big red vase-thing on the cover?  Some sort of chemistry experiment beaker?

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