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Afraid to Ask

Afraid to Ask coverAfraid to Ask: A Book For Families to Share About Cancer

Submitter: My local library has a large network of branches. Also included are the libraries at all the public schools. This 1986 book on cancer came to me via one of those schools. The entire system has 6 copies. I would argue this was completely out of date 10 years later in 1996. But almost 30 years later?? I can only imagine all the medical advancements that have taken place in the span of 30 years. I guess I could take some small solace in the fact this book was in mint condition. It cracked when I opened it, as though it was new! Perhaps never even read.

Holly: I bet this was a good book in 1986. It could have been weeded by 1990 or so. I do like the format, but cancer isn’t quite the instant death sentence it was in 1986. That cover is not-so-inspiring!

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Get Cancer and a Pony!

No Longer Afraid coverNo Longer Afraid

Our pal Doris is back with another in depth look at childhood cancer as part of the Children of Courage series. (Please check the category of “Doris Hall of Infamy” for more examples.)

Our child hero is Jaime is diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. Unfortunately for Jaime, she is concerned about dying and Dad assures her she is going to be fine and that they shouldn’t talk about it, since it was Christmas. After Christmas Jaime heads to the hospital where she is screaming and crying through the chemo treatment. Her hair falls out and she makes a reference to Kojak and Eva Gabor. Jaime loves horses, so she ends up with a horse donated by the Make a Wish foundation.  The reader never does find out if she beats cancer or what she eventually does with the horse. She is, however not afraid of the dark. Must be some good chemo.


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Curing Breast Cancer

Early Detection coverEarly Detection
Breast Cancer is Curable

A breast cancer book from 1974? You have got to be kidding me! Maybe the holding library liked the groovy cover. I don’t need to say that this book in a health section of a modern public library is ridiculous.  Not to mention, the pages were stained and falling out. The tape on the cover has a nice yellow tone as well.

Rule of thumb: Health materials are suspect after 5 or so years.  Perhaps when Marvella Bayh died a mere 5 years later from breast cancer should have been another sign to look closely at the medical collection. Breast cancer was finally getting noticed in the 70s as a significant health issue thanks to women like Marvella, as well as Betty Ford. Good choice in 1974, bad one for 2015.



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