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Oven Fried Squirrel

Old Fashioned Dutch Oven CookbookOld Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook: Complete with Authentic Sourdough Baking, Smoking Fish and Game, Making Jerky, Pemmican, and Other Lost Campfire Arts

I didn’t realize that “campfire arts” was a thing. This looks like a cool book! Too bad it is falling apart and the pages are starting to fade. The cover has definitely seen better days. There are plenty of more current campfire cooking and dutch oven cookbooks out there.

The author picture (below) just seems wrong. Rather than suiting up, I think Mr. Holm should have had his picture taken wearing flannel and cooking over a campfire.

Oven fried squirrel #FTW.



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Woodsy Women


Woman in the Woods

Submitter: While I am not a librarian, I do think I’m qualified as a historian to declare this book a rather wondrous find!

Holly: While maybe the information is still valid, who is going to get past the premise of  “hey girls,  you too can like the outdoors”?   I can already feel women everywhere cringing!  Please, please, please: weed this if it is on your shelves.

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“Modern” Camping

Camping in Comfort
A Guide To Modern Vacations

Yes,  someone sent this to the bindery a long time ago so here is the lovely title page.  I know that camping invokes a “yesteryear” feel, but c’mon, this title is a bit old for any useful information.  I will be the first to admit that I don’t do camping anymore and my definition of “roughing it” is no room service.  It is a wonderful stroll down memory lane, though.
Get a load of this modern family and all the cool camping gear!  I believe that is an ATV folks circa 1971 though.  Can’t say I have ever seen anything like it on the road or off!

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