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Time for a Shower!

Bridal Shower Guidebook coverBridal Shower Guidebook
How to Host a Succesful Bridal Shower

I am not a big fan of showers. Gifts are great to give (and get!) but my days of cute games and “ice breaker” activities are over. I don’t even want to do it ironically.  Holly is also adverse to these kinds of activities in any context. I have seen her in many a seminar or meeting gritting her teeth about any “get to know” type of activities.

That said, I do think the library should have a wide variety of pary planning books like this. However, they do go out of style quickly for a public collection. This particular book is 30 years old and looks every bit that old. No attractive cover also limits the appeal. Time to weed.


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The Wedding You Want

The Woman’s Day Book of Weddings

Submitter: The cost and style information make this book out of date. I argue that what was traditional in 1982, is no longer traditional now.

Holly: They can re-subtitle this book “How to Have the Wedding Your Grandma Had.”


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Handbook for Bridezilla’s Mom

When Your Daughter Marries

Submitter: My sister recently got married and so I am quite knowledgeable about the cost of weddings. This book is very out of date, and very traditional in every way. This seems like a topic that is popular enough that you would want the most up to date info on. So I think it needs to go.

Holly: These books are perfect choices for public libraries, but you have to completely overhaul the collection every five to ten years. This might be one of the most boring wedding books I’ve ever seen. No poofy, pink, lacy anything – no pictures at all in fact. I have to give it credit for a lot of great information, but Submitter is right that it is very traditional. Time to upgrade!

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