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Gender Specific Survival!

Survive Anything cover

How to Survive Anything: Girls Only
Stride, Geremia, and Jones

How to Survive Anything: Boys Only
Oliver and Ecob

Submitter: I came across these two gems in the non-fiction section. According to the covers, they should be mirror images of each other, right? Both girls and boys doing awesome things. Maybe some school survival stuff. Maybe some non-school-related survival stuff. But the contents of the book were quite a different story.

According to these books, here are things boys can survive:
-a shark attack
-a plane crash
-an earthquake
-whitewater rapids
-a swarm of bees

And here are things girls can survive:
-a bff fight
-a fashion disaster
-truth or dare

To be fair, both books have “how to survive a zombie attack.” But what is the point of these matching books? That girls shouldn’t (or couldn’t) know how to survive disaster situations? That boys don’t have to know how to pass a test? This baffles me.

Oh, an addendum: upon closer inspection, in the zombie survival chapter, the boys’ book suggests hitting the zombies with baseball bats, while the girls’ book encourages running away. Ugh.

Holly: Kids in the “cooties” stage (who hate all things about the other gender) go for girls only/boys only kinds of things. I am surprised, in 2012, that this is so blatantly sexist, though. What a missed opportunity, Scholastic. I do like the comic book layout, though, which is appealing to kids.

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Looking Sharp!

Good Grooming for Boys - coverThe Franklin Watts Concise Guide to
Good Grooming for Boys

I am not  even going to wonder what the librarian was smoking when they kept this on the shelf.  I pray it is just one of those pathetic things that just falls through the cracks and not someone pathetically arguing “but some young man might need this!”  (Insert a tirade here about GLANCING at a shelf list now and again for dated materials.)   I am all for books on basic hygiene, but please can’t we do something a bit more current?  Gotta love these instructive illustrations.


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Boys in the Kitchen

The First Book of Boys’ Cooking

Gotta love the titles that pre-date ME!
Love the recipes and I noticed that even the language would be archaic by today’s standards.  Would kids even know that a fridge was known as an “icebox”?  This really does belong in an archive.  What a great find!  I have even included a few recipes since I am sure you young men out there would love to know the secrets of exceptional cooking!


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