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When a Man Loves a Woman and a Librarian Loves Weeding

Michael Bolton cover

Michael Bolton: Time, Love, and Tenderness

Submitter: I started a new job at a small two-year college about a month ago, and most of my work so far has been figuring out just how bad the collection really is. The prior library director saw fit to have this 1993 fan publication library-bound to ensure its longevity. Thank goodness! It’s in pretty much pristine condition. Which it should be since it’s never circulated. Most pages feature a picture or six of MB–wearing different outfits, in the company of various starlets, playing softball. Very useful for your first year economics class or something.

Holly: I’d like to say that this is the first Michael Bolton book we’ve featured on ALB, but it isn’t. It is, however, the oldest! Why on earth would the Director bind something like this? Don’t let that stop you from weeding it, though. Better question: why would a two-year college have it in the collection at all?

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Sally Ride

Sally Ride coverSally Ride and the New Astronauts: Scientists in Space

Submitter: Here is a gem from a very busy branch of a large California public library system. Someone on staff re-shelved this one recently. At the time, this was a great look at life as a “new astronaut.” Now, it’s dated, worn, and irrelevant. Although it has some good biographical info about Ride’s early life, it’s going to be totally unappealing to today’s children. No color photos, lots of speculative info about what’s going to happen in 1985, and an entire chapter at the end dedicated to “some of the things being planned for the citizens of the twenty first century,” such as routine trips into space, small towns in space, and “space vans” for carrying cargo. Also, no mention of the Challenger disaster (since it wouldn’t happen for another 3 years).

Holly: A book on Sally Ride is a lovely addition to a public library. She died last summer of pancreatic cancer, so a new-ish book would be a great idea. This old thing is almost an insult to her memory, since it’s missing so much of her story.

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Livin’ La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin cover
Ricky Martin
Red-Hot and on the Rise!

Taken straight from a youth biography section! Super cute Ricky is posing in all sorts of pictures and just might have a future in the entertainment industry. Librarians, you might want to know Ricky’s favorite books (see the last scan). Think that is real or what a publicist thought it should be?

Sadly this book’s intended audience now have kids of their own. A better choice is the autobiography Me, published in 2010. Ricky’s fans will appreciate the updates.


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