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Best of 2017- Part 1

Best of 2017 awardWell, we are finally at the end of 2017. We are still here. We haven’t run out of weird books, and our little dog and pony show still keeps plugging along. Who knew?

The ALB disclaimer: Remember, “awfulness” is in the eye or library of the beholder. Inclusion in our website is not to be considered a litmus test for weeding. Each library (and librarian) is unique. What is perfect for one library will not necessarily work in another. Your mileage may vary.

In other words, just because we find a book worth posting on this site is in no way an endorsement of censorship, civil unrest, the Trump presidency, Coldplay, Jar Jar Binks, clowns, the Kardashians, Spiderman vs Superman, cancellation of Firefly, and 50 Shades of Gray (movie or book).


Happy Holidays!

Mary and Holly

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