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Groovy Guys Cooking

cooking from scratch cover

Cooking From Scratch
The Single Man’s Guide to Making Out in the Kitchen

Direct from the 1970s, we have a cookbook made especially for those guys who are single, or the wife is working and the poor guy has to fend for himself. Naturally this book implies that if you can cook, the ladies will dig it. (If the cooking doesn’t work, the fashion will!)

The recipes run the gamut from boiling an egg or making toast to some fancy lobster and desserts.  For a book that has “cooking from scratch” as part of the title, I was a bit surprised to see all sorts of canned ingredients, not to mention some rather questionable combinations of food, such as mixing milk with some deviled ham and egg noodles. Top this mixture with ketchup (see the 4th picture below). I kind of threw up in my mouth thinking about this concoction. (Pro tip: this is NOT a recipe that would impress women!)

Men, if this is your strategy for turning up the heat in the kitchen, I suggest you get carry out.


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Dodging the Marriage Bullet

How to avoid matrimony cover

How to Avoid Matrimony

Okay all you rogue males, you don’t want to be trapped by the ladies looking for marriage. This guy has you covered with some interesting advice so you can avoid having the life sucked out of you by some airhead or harpy out to trap you into marriage.

Naturally you can’t be going with out feminine companionship, but you want to avoid certain kinds of women.  For example: girls with boring factory jobs, because they have boring factory jobs; divorced women because they are kind of desperate; foreign girls, girls with pushy mothers, etc. Be vigilant!

Best part: all the charts and illustrations so you really can visualize your bachelor strategies.

Time for me to round up some rogue males,


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