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Getting Your Baby in Shape

baby exercise coverThe Baby Exercise Book

I really do worry about baby muscle definition and if they look “ripped”.  I would hate to have another baby kick sand in my baby’s face.  Well worry no more!  This is your book. (Humorless person alert: I am being sarcastic)  Actually it isn’t too bad, just dated and from the ideas presented it sounds like more work than necessary.  First, you need to build/make the gym equipment and then structure some time.  Great, if you have the time and energy after having a newborn.  Most parents I know were totally exhausted and were hardly in a position to have structured gym time with the baby.  In the dark ages, when I had my babies, it was put them down on a blanket and let them kick around.  Done.

Anyway, baby stuff seems to change every few years.  Are newborns supposed to sleep on the back, side or on the stomach?  Swaddle or no swaddle?  I can’t remember, but I do know that the wrong choice is possibly life threatening.  New parents, feel free to educate me here.  My mother and I talked many times on how the “correct” method for a baby to sleep seems to change over time.  As a library I think a 1970’s era book on baby care needs to be updated.  Infant massage or exercise is a good topic for a public library collection too.  Currency in baby information counts and I would treat it like health information and use 5 years as a rule of thumb.


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Art or Nightmare?

Miracle Anne Geddes photosMiracle: a Celebration of New Life
Geddes and Dion

Submitter: I picked this book out of our oversized collection, and was immediately terrified.  My two least favorite things from the 90s – Celine Dion and Anne Geddes.  Nothing could prepare me for the horrors that awaited me within.    First  came the pictures.  The worst was a baby who, while enclosed in an eggplant-esque, nylon womb, was seemingly having the nutrients sucked out of it by a parasitic Celine Dion.  Perhaps that is how she gets her power.  But beyond all of the nightmarish pictures, and the Celine Dion CD soundtrack to accompany your reading terror, was the publication date – 2004!  I thought this book would be over 10 years old at least, but it was apparently just extremely out of date and style when published.  Our system also had at least six copies of the $60.00 book, which is almost as big an atrocity as the fact that this book was ever published.

Holly: Six copies? Good grief!  I’d be curious to know how many circulations they had to see what the ROI was.  The pictures are really weird, although this IS cataloged as “photography of infants” with a call number of 779.25, so in that regard it is meant to be “artistic.”  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very artsy, so if photos of faux-fetuses in faux-wombs is good art, then here is the book for you!  This had to be one weird photo shoot to witness live.

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Shower me with love!

Showers for All Occasions

I have a wedding coming up in my family and of course this led me to some catalog searches at my library.  I found this one on planning showers and of course the date alone made me grab it!  Old fashioned etiquette rules make this an interesting read as well as something appropriate for an archive.  This particular copy looked liked it had been through a war with some stains (I hope to God that is a coffee stain on those pages!) and a partially broken binding.  Condition aside, this charming book has everything MY MOTHER would have needed to know about HER wedding in 1958!  Here are some sample pages for a glimpse into yesteryear.  One of the glaring things I noticed is that a wedding shower was about small inexpensive gifts and not the big expensive affairs I have been involved with over the years.  A typical gift would be a single potato peeler or a vegetable brush.  I kind of like the less is more idea!


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