Hoarding is not collection development
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Making a Collection Count


What’s In a Name?

40,001 Best Baby Names

Submitter: Baby name books can provide for hours of fun and a whole variety of drinking games. I love them as much as the next 27-year-old single librarian. But like any good thing, even baby name books can go bad. This one has gone as bad as that carton of cream you left in the back of your fridge. Hilarious in its breadth of pigeon-holing children and marginally offensive in how it tries to get you to pre-define your kids, this book might not be “the very best baby name book ever”.

Holly: This book has some seriously weird lists.  I wouldn’t necessarily weed it…but I wouldn’t necessarily have BOUGHT it, either!

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Child Safety is No Accident!

Child Safety is No Accident
A Parents’ Handbook of Emergencies
Arena and Bachar

Learned a lot of stuff in this book.

  • Mine shafts are not appropriate for children to play in or around.
  • How to remove a fishhook from the child’s hand.
  • Car seat safety tips.
  • SIDS might be prevented by loose clothing and a well ventilated room.
  • Discarded refrigerators are a hazardous.

Time to weed this one and get some updated safety information.

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Getting Your Baby in Shape

baby exercise coverThe Baby Exercise Book

I really do worry about baby muscle definition and if they look “ripped”.  I would hate to have another baby kick sand in my baby’s face.  Well worry no more!  This is your book. (Humorless person alert: I am being sarcastic)  Actually it isn’t too bad, just dated and from the ideas presented it sounds like more work than necessary.  First, you need to build/make the gym equipment and then structure some time.  Great, if you have the time and energy after having a newborn.  Most parents I know were totally exhausted and were hardly in a position to have structured gym time with the baby.  In the dark ages, when I had my babies, it was put them down on a blanket and let them kick around.  Done.

Anyway, baby stuff seems to change every few years.  Are newborns supposed to sleep on the back, side or on the stomach?  Swaddle or no swaddle?  I can’t remember, but I do know that the wrong choice is possibly life threatening.  New parents, feel free to educate me here.  My mother and I talked many times on how the “correct” method for a baby to sleep seems to change over time.  As a library I think a 1970’s era book on baby care needs to be updated.  Infant massage or exercise is a good topic for a public library collection too.  Currency in baby information counts and I would treat it like health information and use 5 years as a rule of thumb.


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