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Stabbin’ Cabins

Vanning Trends coverPetersen’s Vanning Trends

Submitter: Look what I found while out weeding in our little County library today: . Check out “Marc” on page 77. His mom made the pillows and bedspread. And just look at that wet bar on page 69.

Holly: Groovy! We can’t see page numbers in the images submitted, but Marc is the fly guy in the sunglasses in the last image and the wet bar is spectacular in the image just above that one.

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Wheels of the Future

Automobiles of the Future coverAutomobiles of the Future

My favorite part of the auto show is the concept car. Over the years I have seen quite a few interesting cars and I know that around my neck of the woods, this type of book would fly off the shelves.

This is such a fun book and my car culture public would get a kick out of this. The kids might even think it was fun. I love looking the future from the past. You could make a nice argument around here for keeping this little beauty. However, for kids nonfiction, I want something that would be more modern as concept cars are all about the future.

I would hang on to this treasure for a display. It’s a keeper for nostalgia, but not for a kid section.


Drive on,


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Grandma’s Teen Driving Handbook

Driving: How to get a license and keep itDriving
How to Get a License (and Keep It!)

I always use a good rule of thumb is that if it could have been in my high school library’s collection, it is probably too old for a modern teen collection. (For those keeping score, I graduated in the late 70s.) Seat belts only became mandatory for manufacturing in 1968.  How about other changes in safety? How about cell phones? Speed limits? Unleaded gasoline?

As the auto engineer husband would say, “safety is not a joke”.


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