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Atom Bomb

Atom Bomb coverThe Atom Bomb

Submitter: I think this is an awful library book due to the cover, and was during the time of the cold war which I think is reflected in the cover and in the book.  But I have to say that this book, The Atom Bomb, by David Killingray the title and author is just perfect.  I get a laugh every time I think about it.  I am a reference librarian in a small community college in a rural area.

Holly: Ha! Killingray!

A historical book about the atom bomb is perfectly reasonable for a community college, but one that treats it as history – or which includes nuclear weapon threats of today – would be better than one from 1980. Mary loves this cold war stuff. Send it to her.


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You Can Survive Atomic Bombing!

Atomic Bombing
How to Protect Yourself
Davis, Ed
Science Service

My generation was told that we could hide from nuclear holocaust from underneath our school desk. Fortunately, I never had the opportunity to see this safety tip in action. The absurdity of this material never ceases to amaze me. Take a quick minute to look at some of these pages. I really should have put the whole book up! I particularly like the advice about spying on your neighbors. Do it for America.



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