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The End is Near

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I better read this book quickly. Evidently the end is near – or not so near, since it is 2017. (Although there has been a plague of insanity in the USA that makes me wonder.) Our guy Blackschleger has the world figured out. He has so many theories on everything: Atlantis, dinosaurs, brainwashing, eugenics, parenting, healthy living, and much more.  There is just no end to Herb’s expertise. He also uses CAPS LOCK and seems VERY SHOUTY. I felt tired just reading a few pages.

Herb has some nice rules for a healthy living including limiting sex, because you can get addicted! Herb really does have all the answers.


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Prepare for the Apocalypse

ApocalypsApocalypse 2012 covere 2012: A Scientific Investigation Into Civilization’s End

These are always fun books after the fact. Here we are, five years later, and civilization is still hanging in there. By a thread, probably, but we’re still here!

Look, libraries can absolutely buy these books. I don’t have any real beef with the book itself or the library in which it was found (public). I don’t personally go for apocalyptic non-fiction, but the library’s collection isn’t all about me, so that’s fine. This one has a science focus to balance those with a religious bent. Even if they don’t pan out when the time comes, people will read the book. Everyone has to know their own community and how it might go over with their clientele, but it was probably a reasonable choice in the library in which it was found.

The back cover is frightening (pictured below). It’s supposedly funny, though, so…bonus!


See you at the bitter end,



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