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Dolled Up

Doll collecting for fun and profitDoll Collecting for Fun & Profit
Seeley and Seeley

I’ve been poking through our doll collecting books recently. To honest, they just creep me out. I keep thinking about some doll displays I have seen and I am quite sure I would never be able to sleep if the room was filled with dolls. It’s the eyes! The doll “brain surgery” in the 2nd picture below isn’t helping, either.

Since this is a new collection for me, I am proceeding a bit more cautiously. Regardless, this hobby has lots of fans and deserves space in the public library. From what I can tell, the Seeleys have written quite a few books on collecting and evaluating dolls. I would imagine the information about identifying and evaluating collectible dolls is still quite useful, but the age of this particular book is troubling, especially when assigning monetary value. I am weeding this particular book since it is damaged, but I wonder if this material is useful to collectors any more.


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Gender Based Collectables

Antiques for Men coverAntiques for Men

Real men need to make sure they are collecting the “right” kind of collectable. Ladies, hands off the toy soldiers.

This old book on antiques and collectables is pretty outdated and I can’t imagine someone thinking this would be a helpful book. If it is description and identifiers than I think these books would work, however if it is a price and value guide, not so helpful. Of course your library’s mileage may differ. I personally was fascinated by ashtrays with faces. Maybe I was more fascinated by who might consider collecting ashtrays with faces. I will need to think on this.


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In a Canadian Attic

In a Canadian Attic coverIn a Canadian Attic: an invaluable guide to almost every conceivable antique or art object that might be found in a Canadian attic

My guess is that valuable items have appeared in Canadian attics in the last 48 years that are not mentioned here.  This was probably a pretty good guide in the 1960s and 1970s.  Maybe even the 1980s.  It’s too old to claim “almost every conceivable” anything now, though.  There were items created after 1963 that can now be considered valuable.  Maybe not antique, by its official definition (100 years makes something antique), but definitely “art objects” worth knowing about if you are a collector.


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