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Crazy Alphabet

Crazy Alphabet coverCrazy Alphabet

Submitter: Here is a seriously politically incorrect ABC book!  The story builds so each phrase is repeated as you add the next letter. So, you would be saying “H is for the hand that held the gun……”  over and over and over……  Yes, found this in our public library collection today.  It has been withdrawn before some angry mother reads it!

Holly: In certain communities – and it sounds like Submitter knows his/her community well – this would not be welcome in a children’s collection. I doubt we’d have a problem in my library, to be honest. This is a good example of really needing to know your community, though!

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D is for Dying

The Mime Alphabet BookThe Mime Alphabet Book

This is a picture book for young children learning the alphabet.  As you read through, the left page is the letter and a word spelled out, then on the right page is a picture of a mime acting out the word.  Cute.

Except… the words they chose are not child-friendly at all!  What ever happened to “a is for apple” and “d is for dog?” Good grief, they’ve got a for astonishment, d for dying, g for guilty, m for miraculous; very few of the letters are kid-friendly at all.  My personal favorite is x.  Scroll down to see the brilliant word they assigned to x.

Plus, there’s the mime situation.  Mary loves a good mime.  She calls them “the other clowns.”



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