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UFO Experience
A Scientific Inquiry

Can you tell I have been weeding this section lately?  I actually love these books and although I am no expert, I totally appreciate anyone sharing comments on these UFO titles.  I think they help all of us.

I liked the tag line of  a “critical appraisal” and felt compelled to look into this title.  There was an updated version in a series from Time Life called “Collector’s Library of the Unknown”.  Again, I am not quite sure the standard for weeding this material.  This particular edition was in pretty bad shape physically but this material is popular and from what I could read around, this guy was the inspiration for one of the characters in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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I want to believe!

Flying Saucers Have Landed
Leslie and Adamski

This book is in horrible physical shape.  The binding is falling apart and the cover is in terrible shape.  So if the holding library wanted to preserve this for all time, it really didn’t do that job either.  Anyway it still brings me to my dilemma on weeding this kind of material.  It is always popular and I keep looking for something more concrete than condition and circulation numbers.

In the meantime, enjoy this super cool flying saucer which to my eye looks like my basement light fixture.

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