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Spaceship Moon

Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon coverOur Mysterious Spaceship Moon

Submitter: I decided to check this book out when I saw it in the nonfiction section. Yes, the nonfiction section. I read the back and just started laughing. The funniest thing about this book is how serious the author is. He ACTUALLY BELIEVES that the moon is a hollow alien spaceship and lists like 5 billion reasons to try to prove that that is true, and is completely serious the entire time. Note that this book was written AFTER the first astronauts landed on the moon. I was laughing the entire time.

Holly: To each their own, and this would circulate well in many public libraries, but 1975 is definitely pushing it. There’s this, though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceship_Moon_Theory

I Want to Believe, Again

Alien Abduction - cover
How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction

Gotta admit I love all of the alien, Bigfoot, and anything else residing over in 00’s of the Dewey Decimal System. It is a bunch of fun and a great icebreaker for any kind of nonfiction reader advisory. I haven’t got much in the way of expertise on aliens, but given my exciting career in public libraries, I am convinced that maybe there are aliens that walk among us.  They are the ones who threaten staff over a 10 cent fine, ask me to decide which Facebook profile picture is “sluttier”, and keep asking for Larry King’s mailing address so they can inform him of the coming apocalypse, or what we in public libraries call Wednesday.

Is it a weeder? In my library this material circulates well so it would only be weeded if the condition indicated or it fell off in popularity. Your mileage may vary.



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Aliens Identified


Photo credit: http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/exlibris/7989137069/sizes/m/

Men in the Flying Saucers Identified: Not a Mystery

Huge thanks to @exlibris of The Little Big Blog for this amazing find.  While she didn’t find it in a library, rest assured that it is alive and well (ok, alive and awful) at various libraries out there.  My favorite holding is a Bible college in the midwest. Clearly, this fulfills their library’s mission in 2012. Or ever.

The subtitle proclaims that this is “Not a Mystery!”  Someone “went on board and talked to the men in the flying saucers” (page 10).  As it turns out, though, this was written by an Evangelical who denounces people who have had “experiences” with aliens.  He quotes people who have had these encounters and then tells us why they’re doomed to hell.

Hard core.  I guess maybe it does fulfill that Bible college’s mission!


PS. There’s a fantastic write-up of this book here that you won’t want to miss!