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When Teddy is a Drunk

When Someone in the Family Drinks Too Much coverWhen Someone in the Family Drinks Too Much
Langsen and Rubel

Submitter: This one is just plain funny the way the author organized the book. The pictures of the bears are pure comedy, particularly the ones I scanned for you. Unfortunately, I can’t find any more from this author. Apparently, their life’s work was complete after this masterpiece.

Holly: The poor bears are pretty funny. I’m no child psychologist, but maybe a picture book about a difficult situation helps a child better understand what is happening to him. Maybe using animals makes it all less threatening than depicting humans. The only real problem I have with this book is that the vocabulary seems to be for older children. A child young enough to have a picture book read to him may not understand some of the phrasing used here. Otherwise, it isn’t the worst thing.

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Friday Fiction: Dad’s Not a Drunk

Dads Not a Drunk coverMy Dad’s Definitely Not a Drunk!

Submitter: I will be keeping this book, not in the circulating collection, but as an example of why we need to weed. This was in the fiction collection at a middle school library, rammed in some very full bookshelves. Funny, it never seems to have circulated.

Holly: Excellent idea! Teen fiction has a fairly short shelf life. It is a huge industry with a lot being published these days. Unless it circulates, which Submitter says it hasn’t, there’s no real reason to keep it.  Spoiler alert: the character’s Dad is most definitely a drunk.

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Mommy is a Drunk

World's Worst Secret coverI Know The World’s Worst Secret

Long time readers of this blog will recognize the illustrations. Yes, it is the same author of our Satan for Kids book.

Our story is that this little girl lives with an alcoholic mother. The house is messy (a true sign of alcoholism if there ever was one!). Mommy also gets behind the wheel.  The cops intervene and Mommy is arrested and sent to rehab. (Note that Daddy’s smack of Mom is not addressed.) Will she get better? No one knows.

Now I need a drink.


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