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Sarah T. is Drunk (Friday Fiction)

cover of Sarah T Portrait of a teenage alcoholic

Sarah T.
Portrait of a Teen-Age Alcoholic

I actually remember this title from my teen years and the accompanying after school special. Linda Blair, best known for the Exorcist, (which still gives me nightmares) she was the go-to actress for all roles featuring teens in trouble ranging from unplanned pregnancy, alcoholism, hanging out with Satanic demons. You know, normal teen stuff.

Checking catalog now for a retrospective featuring Roller Boogie,



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Dad’s Drunk Again

A Day at a Time - cover

A Day at a Time
Dealing With An Alcoholic

When I first read the title I was hoping for a novel adaptation of the 70s tv show One Day at a Time.  That might have been a better story.

Our gal, Ellen has an alcoholic dad and a mother who is trying to fix this increasingly bad situation. Initially, Ellen wants Mom to divorce Dad and just be done with it. Mom wants to be faithful to her marriage vows. They try an intervention, which doesn’t work and then Ellen’s mom gets involved with Al-Anon and starts to pull herself together. I will give credit to the author for addressing alcoholism as a disease and that family members cannot “fix” an alcoholic. There is a lot of promotion of AA and Al-Anon throughout the story. The illustrations seem make me feel like they are storyboarding a soap opera and wanting to cast a handsome leading man for the part.


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When Teddy is a Drunk

When Someone in the Family Drinks Too Much coverWhen Someone in the Family Drinks Too Much
Langsen and Rubel

Submitter: This one is just plain funny the way the author organized the book. The pictures of the bears are pure comedy, particularly the ones I scanned for you. Unfortunately, I can’t find any more from this author. Apparently, their life’s work was complete after this masterpiece.

Holly: The poor bears are pretty funny. I’m no child psychologist, but maybe a picture book about a difficult situation helps a child better understand what is happening to him. Maybe using animals makes it all less threatening than depicting humans. The only real problem I have with this book is that the vocabulary seems to be for older children. A child young enough to have a picture book read to him may not understand some of the phrasing used here. Otherwise, it isn’t the worst thing.

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