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Jet Stewardess – Friday Fiction

Jet Stewardess - cover

Jet Stewardess

Today’s Friday Fiction features Maria. Maria has been training for a glamorous career in aviation. She was looking forward to a career that moved her around the world to all the romantic places. After 6 months, she was selected to be part of an elite crew with the oh-so-handsome Prince of Sarabia (Where???) and his entourage. What now? Boyfriend Ricky or handsome prince? Decisions, decisions…



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The Mile High Club

Sex Objects in the Sky coverSex Objects in the Sky

We have featured some career books for the airline industry over and over again.  They really highlight the glamour and “free travel” aspects. Unlike the others geared to young people these titles are geared toward adults. Baby Boomers: you might remember Gloria Steinham’s expose as a Playboy Bunny in the early 1960s.  (You might also remember the TV movie adaptation called a Bunny’s Tale with Kirstie Alley in 1985)  This book might be considered that twin.  Kane, an American Airlines stewardess, does a feminist expose on the life of the stewardess. Provocative title not withstanding, this book probably does have a role in library collections, especially in a women’s history and or labor collection.  Public libraries, I think, keeping it would depend on your readership and collection objectives.  You might get a few takers from the “look how far we have come” kind of camp if you are a larger public library.


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Not Your Mama’s Airport

A Visit to the Airport

Submitter: I wonder if school children are still taken on tours of airports?  Or would that just be a big huge security issue???!!!

Holly: Can you imagine taking 30 third graders through airport security? Nightmare!  This book is very misleading to kids who might be going to the airport for the first time.  I’ll bet there are no pictures of TSA officials patting down eight-year-olds for weapons.  Mrs. Dolan’s class is in for a big surprise!