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Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy - coverJump for Joy: The Rebounding Exercise Book

Submitter: I work in a public library and this book came in from one of our partners to fill a reserve.

Holly: I bet the patron who requested it was disappointed, although the 1984 pub date should have tipped them off. The black and white pictures, as well as the models’ outfits, are pretty dated. I especially like the business man who keeps a trampoline in his office, pictured below. My staff would never let me hear the end of it if I was bouncing around in my office.

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Let’s Get Physical!

Aerobics Today coverAerobics Today
Casten and Jordan

Submitter: While the actual content of the book may have stood the test of time, the fashion in the pictures has not…

Holly: I was very surprised to see that the publication date was 1990.  From the cover alone, I would have guessed early 1980s, the “Let’s Get Physical” years*. Can’t you just hear the soundtrack?  (You’re welcome.)

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