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Ladies, You Can Cure the Blahs

How to Say yes to Life coverHow to Say YES to Life: A Woman’s Guide to Beating the Blahs

Where do I begin? This book is deliciously awful! First, the condition of this book is a crime. There is an unidentified substance (I don’t want it identified either) and the binding is broken. I am sure there is some kind of meaningful symbolism given the condition of the book.

So, evidently the “blahs” is a recognized medical condition for 1971. Checking the DSM IV (or maybe II) right now! Joking aside, this is a perfect example of why we weed.  Imagine handing this book for a woman in crisis or battling depression.  Some of the excellent advice in this book includes:

Adopting a child
Adopting/becoming friends with a returning Viet Nam Vet
Plastic surgery
Getting a paying job
New wardrobe
New makeup
An affair
A divorce

Ladies, see how easy it is to be happy?

Deliriously happy,


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