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Face Forward

face fitness for men cover

Face Fitness
Eastman and Julliard

Guys, you need to take your skin care routine up to the next level! This book has all the steps to make you look your best. In under 200 pages, Eastman gives you the 411 on all the right steps keep those laugh lines from showing up too early. Break out a facial mask and get those pores under control. Remember, it is never too early to take care of your skin and hair.


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Advice for Stylin’ Guys

style guy cover

The Style Guy

O’Brien was GQ magazine’s fashion columnist until 2015. (He evidently blasted GQ in an interview and resigned.) His advice column talked about everything from fashion advice to etiquette. None of it is particularly timeless. I wasn’t too impressed, but I am not the target market. Maybe it was cool in 2000, but jokes about porn and other sexually charged topics fall flat. This particular book hadn’t left the shelves in a decade, so I think we can safely retire it.


PS As I was googling around for the author, I found out that O’Brien passed away this past April.

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WASP Lessons

gentlemen aren't sissies book
Gentlemen Aren’t Sissies
A Modern Guidebook for the Young Man about Town

This book is another blast from the past. Is it current? Nope. Is it useful? Maybe if you are stuck in a Nick and Nora Charles movie and need to “blend”.

Aside from any collection discussions, this book is a lot of fun to read and of course it should be retained somewhere as a real glimpse into etiquette of the rich, upper crust WASP of pre-war United States. Need advice on dating ladies of quality? Attending the theater? Etiquette at a bridge party? Pitching woo? This is your manual.



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