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Mom and Dad Do Drugs

Drugs and Your Parents coverDrugs and Your Parents

Submitter: I might be an alcoholic. When I saw the young women dumping the booze down the drain my heart sank. “Not the good stuff!”Joking aside, this book is pretty out of date. A drug book from 1991 won’t have any of today’s designer drugs that are ravaging America.

Holly: Is every picture in this book a hair-in-the-face profile shot? Except, that is, for the lady with the banana clip. I haven’t seen one of those in a few decades! They all seem to have shadows, too. The photography seems amateur and dated. Parents who are addicts are no joke, but this book makes me laugh.

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Don’t be a “square”! You can rap with your kids about the drug scene.

Kick the Habit cover
How to Kick the Habit!
A Guide to Drug Withdrawal
Alexander and Alexander

This book is super groovy and has lots of advice about methadone treatment and diet to help kick your drug habit. This book is such a throwback to the 70s, it is comical. Along with some advice about how you go about rescuing your child from the drug culture, there is a nice giant vocabulary list  and some Q and A with the Doc to help you “rap with the kids”.

This book is still in “active” circulation in  a public library and I would guess it to be one of the worst books that we have posted with regard to drug abuse and addiction. Weed it!


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Dope Fiend Training

Careers in Dope title pageCareers in Dope

I really don’t know what to say. I can’t tell if the this title was really a joke or trying to be provocative. I guess it works either way. The text is an academic study of addiction. I will say this is the first time I have seen the word “square” used as a mild pejorative rather than a polygon with four equal sides in academic writing. And while we are on this topic, wasn’t “square” used more in the early to mid 1960s? (Baby Boomers, please weigh in on this!)

According to WorldCat, this title is mostly found in academic libraries, which is appropriate for this kind of material. There were a couple of public libraries that had holdings, but maybe Waldorf’ or one of his relatives is a regular patron.

Anyway, don’t be a square! Open your mind to some serious collection development today.


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