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Drugs are very bad

Drugs and Domestic Violence coverDrugs and Domestic Violence

Direct from the teen nonfiction collection: another book examining another social ill. These series are everywhere and probably used by students to write that report about how “drugs are bad”. Obviously the facts are out of date and this series just looks old fashioned. I have noticed a decrease in the last few years of students asking about the “drugs are bad” reports. I also noticed that these books have not been circulating either. The only chuckle for me on these books are the photos used to illustrate. They remind me of a more modern version of the classic filmstrip used in my high school  health class. (Yes, I am that old.) Maybe the “drugs are bad” message is fading as a school assignment? Regardless it is outdated and it has low circulation.

Just Say NO to old drug books,


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Angry Cool Kids

Drugs and Anger

Without a doubt, drugs and other substance abuse materials for kids is an eternal gold mine of laughs for ALB. So we have another drugs are bad book for your consideration. The title Drugs and Anger first made me ask: Maybe they are taking the wrong drugs? And then there is that snappy, oh-so-subtle graphic for the cover and my first thought was I hope they didn’t waste the stuff out of the bottle.  Rounding out the problems are the insipid captions on photos that are laughable. Weed it and don’t look back.

How about some nice cocktails instead?


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Overcoming what?

Overcoming Self-Abuse coverOvercoming Self-Abuse: Step by Step to Success
Haswell and Graham

Submitter: This bound guide was donated to our academic library. It uses the unfortunate term “self-abuse” instead of “self-harm.” Although as we are a Catholic institution, some might see them as the same thing. Important cause, bad choice of terminology.

Holly: I’ve never heard the term “self-abuse.” It doesn’t strike me as particularly unfortunate a term – nicer than “cutting” or “self-mutilation” anyway. This seems to be a manual for a specific Canadian group therapy program called SAFE in Oz. It does not have an obvious religious affiliation. The manual is definitely on the old side. If there are colleges and universities with programs teaching this technique, they should make sure they have the most current version of the manual. There is at least a 4th edition, copyright 2006.

Mary: Self-abuse referred to masturbation. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I doubt anyone wants to “overcome” masturbation. Just sayin.

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