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Mr T saves the day

Tackle Block Stop

Evidently, Mr T was the star of a few children’s books that featured some of the pressing issues of the day. We featured this gem around in 2010. Again Mr T was advising on bike theft. Today’s selection is a quick lesson about sexual abuse. Bottom line: tell your parents. The end. We never do learn if our protagonist was believed or if the perp was “given help”.


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If People Were Perfect
Accessed 10/25/2012
at http://www.keepyourchildsafe.org/online_If_people_were_perfect/online_If_people_were_perfect_cover.asp

​Submitter: I teach high school students with developmental delays.  Even though they do academics at about a grade one level, they are still teenagers and issues of personal space, strangers, and confusions about friendship versus romance are very important.  They form a group most at risk of abuse and I’m finding it very difficult to find the resources they need. Then I found these monstrosities online. The images are amateurish and hacked together but are also terrifying. Abusers can be distinguished by their weirdly goggling eyeballs.  Even worse is this title on the website: The Day my House Catched Fires.

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Please don’t talk about it anymore!

I Can’t Talk About It
A child’s book about sexual abuse

I hate to say it, but I think we do need to talk about it….

Our good friend Doris wrote another book for your consideration. Just like the previous titles, this one is also a candidate for “most awful book”. I am sure anything I say now will be redundant of all the other books we have featured here on this site. In general, I am not a fan of the read this and solve your problem picture book. I believe it trivializes horrors of abuse. In what universe is anyone’s problem solved in under 300 words?



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