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Friday Fiction: Chartbreaker


(First published in GB as Chartbreak, 1986)

Submitter: Apparently, I need to call in the Ghostbusters. I just weeded fiction, but some gremlin keeps sneaking 80’s titles back on the shelf! A quick Google search shows attempts at updating the cover art. It’s already a challenge to keep teens interested in reading. Stuff like this really makes the school library look out of touch. Continue reading

Fashion for the 80s

Dressing Up coverDressing Up
How to look and feel absolutely perfect for any social occasion

Any old timers remember Marisa Berenson?  When I found this book I kept thinking I knew this actress from somewhere.  Then I remembered the film Barry Lyndon (1975).   There is something about the glamor in these pages that make this an interesting find.  The hair is my favorite part of this book.  Fashion history collections possibly could hang on to this but regular public libraries…. sorry, its a weeder!

Enjoy the memories, though!


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Teen fashion

Get Yourself Together
The Fashion Guide for Teens!

I was actually impressed that this book was in such good condition since it is over 20 years old.  Not a bad collection choice for the 1988. Lots of diagrams and photos and a nice message of “be yourself”.  Of course fashion has a shelf life people.  Let the archives save this stuff for posterity.    In the meantime, enjoy the stroll down memory lane. Holly, I am sure this was your book in high school!


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