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Love on the Computer!

Programmed for Love coverProgrammed for Love

A couple of people sent me this book after seeing it around the web. What is not to like? Cosby sweater? check. Edgy technology? check. A secret admirer? check. Clearly we have all the ingredients for a kick-ass teen romance right out of the mid 1980s time capsule.

Katie has a secret computer pen pal called STX1150 (band reference? Greek mythology reference? Virgin Islands Airport reference?) Of course, they write each other very cool letters back and forth. Naturally there is also a real life boy called Bobby that is super interesting too. What will Katie do?



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Stress Busters!

Managing Stress: From Morning to Night
Time-Life Books

Mary: I thought this title would be an excellent kickoff to our new and improved site. Hopefully, you will notice that pictures are loading faster. Both of us will continue to tweak this as we go along. We appreciate your patience for the last few days. Special shout out to my partner-in-crime, Holly, who spent the last few days slaving over our website, while I ate and drank my way through New Orleans. (BTW, my stress is totally busted!)

Submitter: We pulled this book from the shelves of a high school public library when looking for books on stress and relaxation. The pictures made us burst out laughing. My personal favorites include the man clutching a cork in his mouth (where did the cork come from? His liquid lunch?) for “jaw relaxation” and the lady slumped over at her desk who appears to be looking up her own skirt.

Holly: The advice and the exercises are probably fine, but it’s sooooo 1980s! And thank you, Mary, but the real credit goes to Insites Web Design and LitBreaker. They put the thing together; I just loaded the files and activated plugins!

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Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

Boy George and Culture Club

Ah yes, more 80s musicians. Boy George led an interesting life AFTER this book was written, what with his tragic heroin addiction and subsequent addiction to the prescription narcotics he used to kick the heroin addiction – and then the breakup of Culture Club in the late 80s.  His solo career has spanned two decades, but of course there would be no mention of that here.  He’s been a DJ, there was a Tony-nominated musical about his life (called Taboo), he has a fashion line, there was a Biography Channel documentary about his life in 2008, and then he was sent to prison in 2009 for imprisoning a male escort in his London apartment. Nice.

Clearly, this book from 1984 is the tip of the iceberg about Boy George and Culture Club.  There was a new Boy George biography written in 2005 that would be a much better choice for libraries (called Straight by Paul Gorman).

Do you really want to  hurt me? No? Then please weed this.


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