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Macrame Forever!

Practical Macrame - coverPractical Macrame

Submitter: I work in a public library, and I have to say that I’d never heard of macrame prior to retrieving this book for a patron. I asked my mother, who graduated from college in the late ’70s, and she remembered it vaguely. The book itself is showing its age – it was down in the basement, and the bottom of the cover has worn away to reveal the cardboard.

Holly: Never heard of macrame? This must have been quite a shock for you, then!  Behold, dear readers. This is one of the best macrame books I’ve seen.

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The London Look

Costume in Context
The 1960s and 1970s

Submitter: This book was recently weeded from the adult non-fiction section of a public library. The inept drawings alone make it awful enough for inclusion (there isn’t a single photo), but the real hilarity is in the stories the author concocted around these fictional Londoners. Tim, for example, is feeling rather dejected as he shows us what the fashionable unemployed man was wearing circa 1975, while Nicola offers evidence that miniskirts in 1965 actually ended just above the knee. Her boyfriend, Robert, (whose hair is “quite long”) models the frills, florals, and bright, startling colors of the “peacock revolution” with his, um…plain white suit and plain white shirt. But his tie is patterned. That’s startling, right?

My favorite, though, has to be the nameless 1976 punk on p. 51. The author has lavished special care on this illustration, showing the same angry young tough (I think) in three different poses: waiting for a bus, thinking really hard, and pretending to milk a cow. Check his “outrageous” buttoned business shirt with the top button undone! The “menacing” cardigan tied around his waist! And the “threatening-looking form” of his hair, which is dyed a “weird” black and is approximately the exact shape of his head!

I’m strongly tempted to make copies of these and put them out as coloring pages.

Holly: Now that’s a great use for this book!

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More TV’s Wackiest Family: The Bradys

Showdown at the PTA CorralThe Brady Bunch #2
Showdown at the P.T.A. Corral

Yes, I have Brady Bunch issues.  I just can’t help myself. In this episode, Mike is elected president of the PTA.  Note the front cover calls it PTA prexy.  (What is a “prexy”? Is it this? or this? ) All sorts of shenanigans happen to our intrepid family as Mike assumes the new role of community leader. The PTA is not just for the ladies, men need to participate too!


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