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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

The Brady Bunch
“The Treasure of Mystery Island”

Okay, we don’t usually do fiction, but frankly I was starting to just get annoyed with old career books and a few humorless librarians that have told me I am hurting America, libraries and civilization as we know it.  Yeah. Sure. So in order to expand the discussion a bit,  and just share some awesome stuff that has happened to float our way, Holly and I are sharing a few choice fiction titles from time to time.  Because I was a Brady Bunch fan back in the day and probably the original target market for this book, I am going to lead the way with some spectacular tribute to the cultural phenomenon that is Brady Bunch! (Youngsters, feel free to Google if you need to!)

Anyway I really truly wanted to be like Marcia, but I am sure I had the self esteem of Jan.  I would like to think I was smarter than Jan. (A black wig? Fake boyfriend? Freckles? Poor Jan!)  The Bradys did have the life. Sigh.

Of course I ran to worldcat to see if anyone still had holdings and yes, believe it or not,  this is still out there in library land.  I was particularly happy to see Michigan State University had a copy and absolutely need to give a shout out to the folks in Special Collections.  This is where these kinds of books belong. Maybe you loved this as a kid, but I doubt your average teen or tween would read this. Good rule of thumb, if the book is older than the target audience, maybe you should reconsider.  I, however, am thrilled that MSU is doing their part to preserve the awesome cultural contribution of the Brady Bunch!

Mary (aka Mrs. George Glass)

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Take Me To Funkytown

Disco Dancing Tonite

Submitter: It pained me to weed this relic of a bygone era from our collection, but I figured if I didn’t get rid of it now, I never would.

Holly: It is quite groovy, but I’m afraid it’s time to let go.  There’s just no end to these disco books in libraries, is there?

Mary: As the designated baby boomer at ALB, I would like to say that I think we can safely weed these books and or hand them off to an archive.  I know that I would rather not be reminded of some the poor fashion choices of that decade.  As an aside,  any other Midwestern old timers remember Steve Dahl and Disco Demolition Night?  Hint:  Comiskey Park July 1979.  Since I married South Side Irish, I am thinking this is probably some kind of holiday.  Comments?

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And they called it “Puppy Love”…

The Osmonds coverThe Osmonds

I figured if Holly got to have her teen crush featured, then equal time should be allowed for mine.  I Couldn’t find any Bobby Sherman (does anyone else of my age group remember him?) or David Cassidy biographies for kids in my local catalog, but David did pen a memoir in 1994 called  C’mon Get Happy: Fear And Loathing On The Partridge Family Bus and another book in 2007 called Could it be forever?: My Story. I am a sucker for the “where are they now” books and intend to catch up on hunky David’s life.  Donny didn’t have the status of Bobby or David in my teen crush lineup, but he does have idol status among my peers.  Why this particular public library felt the need to hang on to this kid biography for more than 30 years past the prime Osmond years, I guess we will never know.  The art for the whole book is just awful even for 1976.  Just bad illustrations and no photos of our “boys”.  Here is the entry on Donny and some other illustrations.  The giant “mouth”.  Really?  I also have included back cover which I am still trying to figure out.  It looks like an outline of the of the state of Idaho on the back cover.  Who didn’t know that the Osmonds are all from Utah? Enjoy the flashback and stay groovy everyone!


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