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Fabric Decorating

Fabric Decorating for the Home

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that interior design books from the mid-1970s aren’t as popular in libraries as they once were.  The cover of this book is old-school library binding with no picture; super eye-catching for a crafty book.

Barbara Taylor Bradford probably loves this book, but I personally gagged a bit as I was browsing through.

(Below) We have the oh-so-pink-and-ruffly little girl’s room (back when gender identity was defined by pink and blue):

(Below) This one isn’t too bad, just a little bit grandma-chic:

(Below) Is the bird part of the decor? I don’t think I’d position a bird’s perch just above my drinks, if you get my drift…

(Below) My grandparents had a variation on this bathroom in the early 1980s.  Including the carpet, which seems like a horrible choice for a room dedicated to the use of water. Dig the lights around the mirror!

(Below): Those tiles belong in a casino.  And dumbbells and jump rope do not belong on the bathroom floor, Mr. Bathroom.

(Below) This is not feng shui at all.  Not. At. All. The trash can does not belong in the middle of the room, feng shui or not.


Friday Fiction: Angels on Ice

Charlie's Angels coverCharlie’s Angels: Angels on Ice
Spelling Goldberg Productions

About a year ago, I posted a Charlie’s Angels book. Lo and behold another book in the series has found its way to my fiction pile here at the Awful Library Books home office.  This time Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett ) is no longer on the cover. She has gone to Spain to race cars. Little sister Kris (Cheryl Ladd) is now the new Angel on the case.  These old novelizations are a hoot and I was of course the target market for these books as I am of a certain age. These novelizations are often a hit in the teen section but remember to weed out the old stuff for the new. I still see plenty of Buffy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and many other tv series crowding the teen fiction sections.  Check the circulation and watch those collections closely.



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Macrame Forever!

Practical Macrame - coverPractical Macrame

Submitter: I work in a public library, and I have to say that I’d never heard of macrame prior to retrieving this book for a patron. I asked my mother, who graduated from college in the late ’70s, and she remembered it vaguely. The book itself is showing its age – it was down in the basement, and the bottom of the cover has worn away to reveal the cardboard.

Holly: Never heard of macrame? This must have been quite a shock for you, then!  Behold, dear readers. This is one of the best macrame books I’ve seen.

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