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Sarah T. is Drunk (Friday Fiction)

Sarah T.
Portrait of a Teen-Age Alcoholic

I actually remember this title from my teen years and the accompanying after school special. Linda Blair, best known for the Exorcist, (which still gives me nightmares) she was the go-to actress for all roles featuring teens in trouble ranging from unplanned pregnancy, alcoholism, hanging out with Satanic demons. You know, normal teen stuff.

Checking catalog now for a retrospective featuring Roller Boogie,


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Roller Boogie

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Disco Dancing with Donny and Marie

Disco with Donny and Marie
Heaton and Zimmerman

I had a reference question a while back where I had to explain Donny and Marie to a teenager. God, I felt old. If you are more than 40 years or so, you probably remember them fondly or with disdain. I doubt there is any middle ground. I think it was probably one of those shows that was best viewed when high. If you need schooling on Donny and Marie, click here. Although Donny and Marie are around in Vegas and other venues, they are not what they were in the late 70s. (As if anyone is.)

This book is purely dance instruction for disco-complete with cut out feet. I encourage that everyone learn some of the techniques presented such as the “Travolta Point” or the “Disco Chicken”. My dancing skills were never that good, but I think I can manage the Travolta Point without too much trouble. I would bet just about every library in the US had more than a few choices on disco dancing at the time, however I think we can let this go and hustle to the book sale. So break out your shiny shirt, shag cut, and puka shell necklace and get ready to boogie.

Groovin’ in the Stacks,


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Fashion for your man

Everything about Sewing

I know everyone is running to get some info on how to make that stylin’ suit on the cover. The ultra wide tie really pulls it all together. (Sidenote: I believe there is a rogue photo of my husband as a teenager dressed up in a similar manner. He denies all knowledge of this alleged photo.)

I really love some of the fashion stuff from yesteryear. I crack up about what we all thought was so cool back in the day. Then I cry because I am old.


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