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Sweaty, but Stylish

Stylish Sweatjackets

Submitter: I found this book in the new release section, I kid you not.

Holly: What, exactly, is a “sweat jacket”?  And why would one want to be both stylish and sweaty?

0 Responses to Sweaty, but Stylish

  • You take a sweatshirt, cut the front down the middle, edge the cut, add closure, “decorations” etc.
    They are, um, popular with a slightly older demographic than mine. “The change” you know?

    The book IS from last year, but the cover, and topic, are more like “5 minutes ago.” When I first the image, I thought the model might be Phyllis Diller.

  • I wonder if there is a section on how to “bedazzle” a sweat jacket? Now, that would be stylin’!

  • I’m familiar with the sweatshirt, but this? A sweatjacket? Your chances of being stylish while sweaty are minimal. Unless you’re modeling a muscle shirt.

  • Sweat jackets are jackets made by reconstructing sweatshirts. Very popular about 15 years ago. Especially if heavily embellished.

  • Ah can’t pernounce oxymoron, but ah likes the style. Reckon it’d go well with mah timber wolf fleecy top. And mah Elvis portrit painted in real paint on black velvut.

  • A sweat jacket is the generic name for LuluLemon. They will charge you $100 for it.


    PS. Check out the faux hockey helmets!

  • It’s release date is September 2009.

  • Well, obviously it’s a jacket…made from sweatshirts (yes, I had to look the book up to get that nugget of information).

    Still, one has to wonder *why* anyone would want an article of clothing called a “sweatjacket” in the first place. It does not sound flattering. I mean, I get that the whole DIY thing is huge right now, but just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should….

  • A sweatjacket is the result of turning a sweatshirt into a jacket. It was a trend in the 80s that some seem to be hanging on to.

  • I recently had a five year old girl ask me if we had books about sweat shirts! This was after I prompted her by asking, “What kind of things do you like?” If only we had this book in our collection! She ended up getting a big book about mammals instead….a far less original topic.

  • Sweat jackets are what hoodies used to be called in the olden days.

  • I think this is a first. A brand new book that should be instantly weeded.

    That thing looks like a cross between a khaftan and a mumu. Hideous.

  • I am pretty sure the title of this book is an oxymoron.

  • How about “swacket”

  • Judging from the cover, I would guess that a “sweat jacket” is a zip-up sweatshirt. That being said – *shudder* – these look creepy. And gives a whole new nasty meaning to the words “comfy casual”.

  • agree w/Enquiring Librarian, sweatjackets = hoodies

  • Not so sure I agree with Enquiring Librarian, as I have 2 teenagers and they both wear “hoodies.” I have never heard of anyone call them “sweat jackets.” The cover photo doesn’t look like a hoody, it looks like… I’m not really sure! I am probably what Gypsey might call “a certain age” or close to it, and I haven’t heard of them either. Hard to imagine this is a new book! I thought it would be an 80s thing. I looked it up on the urbandictionary site and these are the only two definitions…

    1)A zip-up sweatshirt or hooded zip-up sweatshirt. Otherwise known as a ‘zip-up sweatshirt’. Comhmonly used term in Long Island, New York, though Steph is the only person we’ve EVER heard use the term.
    No Steph, noone uses the term sweat jacket, other than you!
    2)A ridiculously unneeded term for a zip up sweatshirt, basically a hoodie to everyone on earth except 5 people who use the word sweat jacket.

    • Lisa, I’m not saying that the garment on the cover is a hoodie – I’m not sure what that thing is. I’m just saying that in the olden days, when I was young, we referred to the garments now called hoodies as sweat jackets. And no, I’m not from Long Island. Of course at that time, they were actually usually made of sweatshirt material. The 2nd definition you cited from urbandictionary agrees with me.

  • Wow. When I saw the cover, I thought it must be at least 20 years old.
    …Although that being said, some elements of 80’s fashion are starting to make a rather alarming comeback. Let’s jsut hope that it all goes away soon.

    • I’m waiting for the 70s to come back. Especially men’s pants. ANYTHING is better then that “style” of having pants so baggy they threaten to hit the ground at a moment’s notice. It’s like some gender bending version of an Art Frahm pin up.

  • I’m from Germany and I know that people here use this word for some kind of cardigan or hoodie without a hood.. (without the “t” at the end, it’s just called “Sweatjacke” in German)
    And my best friend and me wear these sometimes when waiting in front of a concert hall until the doors open – because it’s cold outside, but you can tie the arms around your body and dance just wearing a t-shirt inside.. 🙂

    But I never knew or recognized that they were supposed to be stylish.. ^^

  • I must be fashion-impaired. I don’t see anything terribly wrong with the jacket on the cover. It looks comfortable, and the stripes against a black background are not unflattering.

    Of course, I am so “out of it” that I’d rather wear something like this than what passes for “office wear” on most television programs, while the “casual wear” — UGGH.

    Also, I am humor impaired, since I don’t find the mocking of older women and Southerners in the comments particularly amusing.

    I think I’ll order this for my library. I’m pretty sure it will be popular. Thanks!

    • I don’t see anything wrong with it either. But then again, everyone says I’m a candidate for What Not To Wear. (Not that I’d go on that show. There’s no way that twig Stacy nor that loser Clinton could dress a fat woman properly. Same goes for the two mouthy chicks from the original British version.)

    • Snarky too? I think I’ll send this to passive aggressive notes.com

  • This book is from 2009???!! Seriously?

  • As a New Zealander, I have always found the American English term ‘sweatshirt’ rather revolting. ‘Sweatjacket’ is even nastier! 🙂

  • I know those words, but that title makes no sense.

  • Reminds me of something I would have seen on Aleen’s TV show. http://awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com/2009/06/11/awful-crafty/

    I like her necklace.

  • A hoodie is a sweatshirt that you pull over your head. A sweatjacket isn’t a hoodie–a sweatjacket zips up the front.

    I get why people wear sweatjackets. I have a few from Talbots with matching pants. I wear them around the house and to the toddler gym. I have no delusions that I am stylish while wearing them. I have no idea why someone would want to jazz up a sweatjacket. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

    • Matter of taste, I guess. I’ve seen some done in a professional manner that I think are really pretty. And besides, it beats crop tops and low rider jeans!

  • A hoodie is any knit shirt with a hood. It can have a zip up the front or be a pullover.

    A sweatjacket is a sweatshirt that is open down the front, whether it has a zipper or not.

  • Maybe it is a regional thing. If it is a sweatshirt, with or without a zipper, and with a hood, it is a hoodie where I live. I think the stores advertise them as either “hooded” or “zippered.” Reading about them on Wikipedia is fun! Did you know that National Hoodie Day in New Zealand caused protests! Or that in Saskatchewan they are called “bunnyhugs?”

  • I guess I’m just old enough to know what a sweat jacket is and to remember when hoodies were specifically fleece pullovers that did not unzip (the kind that often have the pocket on the front).

    I think the bigger issue is that we have a library that takes up space on the cover of its books with a label that provides no information not already on the book. If somebody missed the title at the top, they probably aren’t capable of reading the addition label tacked on at the bottom.

  • Wow, what a cover! It’s like it’s trying to be a 60’s throwback, but everything just comes together in a garish mess, right down to the model. I’d say this would be a weeder, but it’s a brand new book! Of course, as a book author myself, I’ve had my fair share of cover woes that were beyond my control, so who knows what the real story is behind this one.

  • …the thing the woman on the cover is wearing does not seem to have a hood.

    Just thought I’d point that out.