Superstar Hair

Superstar Hair coverBeautiful Hair

For a minute, I really thought the first picture below was of actress Courtney Cox sporting a mustache. Yikes!

My thinking is that fashion books for a general public library after 30 years can be retired without too much issue. For special collections, maybe this does have a place.  This particular edition was kind of grimy anyway and could be weeded without too much fanfare.

Having a bad hair day,


superstar hair back cover

superstar hair

superstar hair

Faye Dunaway

Beautiful Hair by Suga



  1. I read this book! Probably in 1985. I didn’t remember it at all, but I started having flashbacks when I saw Marie Osmond.

  2. The Dorothy Hamill haircut was iconic. Overnight, every woman and girl I knew seemed to chop her hair into that bowl-like shape!

    This book would be useful in a history-of-fashion/history-of-pop-culture collection. Or to induce flashbacks in Generation X.

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