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Success and Guilt

The Successful Woman

Joyce was the tv shrink in the 60’s, 70’s and even into the 80’s.  I also think there would be no Dr Phil and his ilk without her influence.   Dr. Brothers was a regular guest on Carson and other tv shows through most of her career.  I liked her when I was a teen and think she deserves some place in pop psychology and tv collections.  No question she has importance as an author.  I do think this is a weeder because of the date, but if circ and community interest were there, I might reconsider.  Librarians, what is the verdict?


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  • I may be wrong, but didn’t Gloria Steinham prove you can’t have it all? I have a vague recollection of her regretting not having children…maybe I dreamed it—nightmare?

    • One woman’s regret does not ‘prove’ an impossibility for the rest of us. I work with plenty of women who balance both children and a career. Besides, some of us would rather regret not having children than regret having them.

    • Interesting…I never thought of it that way. Regretting a negative—sort of like proving a negative.

  • She’s one where it might be worth keeping whatever one or two works she’s best known for.

    I recently weeded our self-help books, and what I found is that we had MANY of these types of gurus/psychologists, and we were buying all of their books in multiple copies. When I ran the stats for our library, I found that unless the work was truly groundbreaking in some way, it stopped checking out about 20 minutes after we added said guru’s next book to the collection. Very, very few continued to check out 5 years later.

    My issue with this particular book is its age – the working world and family life have changed a lot thanks to technology. This book wouldn’t touch issues like telecommuting or the fact that most five-year-olds can order a pizza online.

  • Definitely a weeder- unless the community still checks this one out. I’m sure a lot has changed for the working woman- online careers for instance. And what about changes in what we call a “family”- such as stay at home dads (which were completely unheard of back then), or families with two women who are married to each other? Furthermore, most families have two incomes nowadays, so I assume that a lot more research has been done on this topic by now- so a different book would be a lot for useful.

  • I weeded a Joyce Brothers book just last week. 1975’s Better Than Ever (boring cover, sadly), which basically describes her sexy new makeover and how to get one of your own. I certainly remember her heyday and wouldn’t pull anything major, but she published a couple dozen books.

  • Her sexy new makeover probably came at the same time she was dating Burt Reynolds. Now, that was an odd couple!

  • these types of books date fast

  • what about the pressure to have it all in the modern era?

    and i like sarah’s first comment, we need more exploration of people who regret having children! i for one regret that addicts on welfare had their kids.

  • Yeah it true, “How can you have a career, a husband and a family ” if in the first place you could never bear a child.

    It’s really difficult, but sometimes, thats the way life is.