Stylish Vests for the Knitting Librarian

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How about a stylish vest for your wardrobe? Dump the cardigan and think about pairing these lovely vests with your best sensible shoes.

Knitting books are usually a good bet in my library but I think we can keep these vests (and the makeup) firmly in 1985.



colorful vests

more formal vests

Shetland Chunky vest


  1. I have a pile of these in a cupboard somewhere…
    I just went to check them out: there are about ten of them (we used to call them “spencers”). Can’t remember the last time I used one. Think I’ll do some weeding there as well!

  2. I graduated from high school and boy do I remember wearing brightly-colored, log sweaters like these.
    The “Shetland Chunky” is kind of cute, though. I might wear that now–not with the rest of the outfit that the model has on, of course.

    1. I agree! Not finding a pattern, though. 🙁

      BTW, what is it with vests or other garments that are supposedly worn for warmth and don’t cover one’s chest? Take a look at the “Promise” pattern for an example.

  3. I actually like and would wear the button-up one on the cover..if I could get my knitting to hold its shape!

  4. Look at the makeup in the second picture! I thought women only did their makeup like that in Jem and the Holograms! There goes my assumption that no woman would actually extend her hot pink eyeshadow into her hairline. . .

  5. Here’s a legitimate rebuttal to the weeding decision:
    Knitting book readers DON’T look at the fashions, or even the colors. They look at the knitting results, and are, in their heads as the look at these pictures, mentally switching out the yarn colors for what THEY have in mind.
    The serious knitters and fabrics craftspeople are grabbing and hording these books as fast as you get rid of them for the specious reasoning (to their eyes) that “the fashions are outdated”. Look on my wife’s and sister’s shelves if you disbelieve me.
    Now, having said that, I take one look at the vests in these pictures, and they SCREAM “acrylic yarn”–which is as anathema to me and my wife as a BBQ joint or steakhouse would be to a vegan…….

    1. I think the circulation statistics would decide this one. If it’s still being used by the knitters in Submitter’s community, great. If not, weed it.

  6. I’m a sick individual…. I collect awful knitting/crochet books from the 70’s and 80’s. They are so awful that they are awesome!!!!!!!

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