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Stylish Looks You Can Make

Sewing without a Pattern

Submitter: I’m teen librarian working in a public library in [Louisiana] and I have been weeding our teen nonfiction section and separating it from the adult nonfiction. I’ve come across many awful books, but just recently I’ve found a truly awful book. Surely there are new books on this topic. This book is from 1972! 44 years old! This book is 44 years old! I can’t believe my library still has this book much less thinks that teens would want to check it out.

Holly: Good catch. It doesn’t belong in either collection – adult or teen non-fiction! It belongs in the book sale, where it will be sold in a matter of minutes. Sweet lampshade hat, though (see image below).

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12 Responses to Stylish Looks You Can Make

  • I personally own that !
    I’ve even used it to make clothes, that I wore.
    But you are right. It doesn’t belong in a public library any more.

  • cover – sewing without a pattern: cautionary tale series

    • The girl looks like she is crying!

    • Friends don’t let friends sew without a pattern.

    • Oh, I don’t know — about that time, my roommate and I were making things without patterns. I recall some long skirts, and midriff tops with matching wide-legged pants. They came out quite fine. You just can’t expect to make very tailored things that have to fit closely.

  • Felt for a beach hat? Felt was wool in those days!

    • Even if it were not wool (I think felt could be a mix of fibers), it is way too hot and NOT suitable for a beach hat.

    • There was a stiff breeze at the beach that day–she needed a wool hat!

  • Nice work on the YA nonfiction section! A book about making clothes without patterns would fit perfectly with makerspaces, hacking fashion, etc. I’ll bet you can find a newer, better one!

  • A lot of these clothes have come back into style!

  • When a children’s/young-adult nonfiction book is older than its target audience, it’s time to take a second look. When it’s older than the target audience’s parents … a single look is generally all you need.

  • The author’s name is misspelled. Unless there happened to be two craft book authors in the 60s/ 70s, one named Phyllis Fiarotta and one named Phyllis Ficarotta.